Monday, April 02, 2001

i guess this is my first blog... whatever. i don't really know where to start. my mom just recently got locked up and i miss her a lot. i'm not used to being without her. i'm in the school library right now. ew. school=budge. hopefully i pass the exit exam and get to get out of high school. fuck high school and all the bullshit drama that comes along with it."i said,'fuck high school, fuck my diploma...' smell the aroma..."(i hella just quoted Kid Rock) i'm not even going to attempt to write all the boy related drama in my life. i think doing so would cause carpal tunnel. i think i'm going to go "shopping" for some new clothes with jaqui after school. i don't know where i'm sleeping tonight. hopefully i'll find somewhere. oh well, that's it for now i guess. holy mother of christ i'm hungry. i hate hate hate the drummer of Debris. if anyone ever sees him, spit in his face.